Photo Day Procedures

Team Rep & Coach

Upon arrival please check in with our staff at the tent, bring all completed order forms with payment so we can validate all forms. We will have custom order forms for the parents on your team as well as take payment at the time of arrival. Additionally, we will have team envelopes ready for your coach to ensure Photo Day is quick, organized and hassle free.

  • Please try to have all forms filled out in full with payment included.
  • Turn in all unused envelopes at this time.
  • Line players getting their photos taken from tallest to shortest, then the players who are not getting their photos taken after them.


  • When you arrive, please pick up a price list and a pen at our display table.
  • Once you have made your selection and have filled out your order form, come to the cashier to complete your purchase.
  • REMEMBER to have your athlete turn in their order form to the photographer when they are being photographed.
Picture Day